We usually open the end of June, first week in July, depending on the weather and when the berries are ready. Be sure to follow our Facebook page (or website) and we’ll keep you posted as we get close.

We are open most of July through mid-August, depending on how quickly the berries are picked through. The season can sometimes extend through August.

We have a process for picking all the berries methodically through the field, which we have been using for quite some time now to make sure that every row is picked thoroughly.

We also have berries (Bluecrop) that aren’t ripe until later in the season and would ask that you pick only in the designated rows our team members direct you to. We are constantly monitoring the field to place our customers in rows where the berries are the ripest to provide you with the best picking.

Unfortunately, we would have no way of tracking what rows are picked and what is still available, if we allowed customers to pick wherever they want, making it less enjoyable for everyone.

First, gently run your hand under the berries. Ripe berries will fall right off the bush and you can catch them in the buckets provided.  If you have to tug at them, they aren’t ready – there will be clusters where not all are ripe and ready to be picked.

Due to health department regulations, only service animals specifically trained to aid a person with a disability are welcome.